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Shipping & Receiving Info

Please enter the following information in the form to the left:

Handling Fees:
Receiving Box Fees:

1-8 boxes  $25 per box
9 or more boxes $20 per box
*There is a $10 dollars a day storage fee per box after the third day

* Packages can be picked up at the Capital Business Center located in the main lobby of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  If you want them delivered to a specific location in the Convention Center, there will be a $10.00 delivery charge per box/package/booth.

*Note: We do not deliver/pick-up in  Halls A,B,C,D & E- Times of operations are 9am-5pm unless other arrangements have been made

All boxes must be labeled as follows:

Capital Business Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW
Washington, DC 20001
c/o Name of on-site recipient
Organization name and event
Room location
On-site contact phone number

Ship Out Fees:

$30 Per box for small/medium boxes
$40 Per box for large boxes and booths
$50 Per box for extra large boxes
$60 Per box for international boxes

Disclaimer: The Capital Business Center and the Walter E. Washington
Convention Center are not responsible for lost, theft or damaged packages
after they are delivered to room/hall.
All incoming and outgoing shipments are to be paid to the Business Center
by cash, credit/debit card and company checks; no personal checks are


United States Post Office